Sunday, 9 August 2009

Jungle Decorations

After the service today the team organising the Jungle Jamboree Children's Holiday club went across to the church hall to decorate it, and to practise the sketches for the club.

I took down the rest of the Churches Together Stuff and the rest of the Rainforest Project Display. Hilary helped me. We put my green and orange batik cloth (from Sierra Leone) across the St John's Display notices. We put some of my fungi shapes on the green card where the Forest Display had been. I made a large chimpanzee on a branch brown silhouette on the red card where the Chruches Together Stuff had been. Then we found a space above the coat pegs where evening activity notices were on display and partly covered them with green card and put a little of the Fainforest Project signs up, including the nice Cool Earth Poster.

Any way it is certainly simpler.

In the Evening I was able to use the Stainforth Parish Photocopier to produce some A3 sized colour pictures of Cameroon rainforest.

I am now scheduled to be a thief on day two of the sketch at the Children's holiday club - a walk on run off part.


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