Sunday, 6 June 2010

God's Rich Variety - European Churches booklet

An RSS feed from ECEN - European Christian Environment Network - told me about the 24 page A4 booklet about biodiversity work of individual churches in Europe.  It mentions our Rainforest-fund project and this blog . The booklet is at - see page 11.

Here is a picture of us looking at the booklet on our Environment Sunday walk at Settle today. Several of these people help in fundraising for the Rainforest Fund Project.
After the walk people's donations contributed another £20-00 to our fund. Thank you!!

The text on page 11 says:-

From North Yorkshire to Ghana
Even North Yorkshire (GB) is affected by loss of species diversity.
The biologist Judith Allinson has documented the loss of species and noted that one species has disappeared every two years for at least a hundred and fifty years. In response to this the Methodist Church in Settle has started a  species protection fund: with the money from this conservation groups can buy land and support a variety of projects to protect habitats worldwide under particular threat. For example some of this some of the money from Settle is invested in Ghana.
Protecting the diversity in our own back yard is important,
but we need to remember the wider world.
Further information:

And if anyone from ECEN is reading this "Hi! - I am thinking of you meet this week in Prague"

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