Thursday, 28 April 2011

More Early Flowering Grasses and Flowers

Tomorrow I am travelling by train down to Juniper Hall near Box Hill to teach a Grasses Identification Weekend.

So today I went to near the Layby on Bucker (Buck Haw?) Brow to collect some plants to show them - Blue Moor-grass, (in flower of course).

But I was amazed to find Meadow Oat-grass in flower - I had gone to collect vegetative shoots of that because they are "More Poa-like" than the Poas.  I found Smooth Meadow-grass in flower and Sheep's Fescue. At the bypass junction the Compressed Meadow-grass was not out, nor the Squirrel-tail Barley nor the  Reflexed Saltmarsh grass..

The ground is Oh, so dry.

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