Saturday, 23 April 2011

£1 a day for food for 5 days - Live Below the Line Challenge

Could you live off just £1 a day for five days? 
Join the livebelowtheline challenge - 2-6 May (Find out more)
Become aware of how much we consume unnecessarily - and how difficult it is for poor people to survive on £1-00

I  am going to join the challenge.

I shall donate the money I save from not spending more on food to the Rainforest Fund. 

And I shall get sponsored for Methodist Relief and Development Fund which does support some ecologically orientated projects. Would you like to sponsor me?- Just click here  

Would you like to take part?  There are a variety of partner charities you can support - Christian Aid, Salvation Army, 

Just think, nearly a quarter of the people in the world have to survive off less than £1-00 a day - and that's for everything, not just food.

I first read about this project when I heard that Alison Tomlin,  President of Methodist conference is taking part. Read more

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