Monday, 20 June 2011

Sward - a Drama about Haymeadows

A play by the theatre company Blaise has been performed in 
many local venues in the Yorkshire Dales. there are four actors. Jason a young farmer out spraying thistles meets Jemima a boatny student collecting haymeadow seeds .. and the magically get transported through time from pre-bronze age when everywhere was forested up to the future ..

I went to see it at Hawes two weeks ago. Then on Thursday it would be at Settle. I  made a collection of Haymeadow plants so that people could see what the plants are like that the actors talk about - Yellow rattle, Bush vetch, Meadow sweet 

"And don't forget the grasses - they're often overlooked" was a key phrase in the play - So I brought in Quaking-grass and Cock's-foot and Yorkshire Fog and Ryegrass.

Here are the hero and heroine looking at the plants

Here they are on the stage

The play was held at the Victoria Hall in Settle. they filmed this performance - so people should be able to obtain copies of the DVD and watch it later.

I made some voting slips  and asked people to choose their favourite haymeadow plant.

Wood cranes-bill (above) scored 6 votes followed closely by Quaking-grass with 5 votes.

I took it to the foyer at our church next ready for Sunday service on 19th.. continued in next blog post.

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