Saturday 15 October 2011

CCG Fungus Foray - Clapham Woods

Wonderful Warm Weather Welcomed Craven Conservation Group on our 2011 Fungus Foray - held today 15th October at Clapham Woods and the field above the track from the woods to the Cave.

Jane Blinkhorn led the group and I assisted. In the evening Jane and I took some of the specimens to Archie McAdam to help with some of the more unusual species.

Bet you wished you'd come now!

Here we are having lunch

But first, at the start - we are given a handout explaining
about gill shape and much more

Yes - We've found some Jelly babies. (about 3cm tall)
They are easily recognisable because the DON'T have gills

Just checking that they have no gills.

Waxcaps in the grassland

A great day for waxcaps - Hygrocybe chlorophana

Hypoxylon fragiforme - Beech Woodwart -
.. or is it the slime Mould "Wolf's Blood - Lycogala epidendrum?"
Growing on a well rotted fallen log are these ball shaped structures.
They are 1cm across and are soft inside.
They start off  pink (above)
and then turn dark grey (below)
and are soft in the middle

We examine Honey Fungus
Having found almost ten species of Waxcaps I said
 "Shouldn't we be finding some Clavarias?"..
 and low and  behold we found
Clavaria fumosa - Smoky Spindles

Start 'em  young.
The white fungus, (that I found in the leaf litter in the deciduous wood)
 in the bottom left of the tray turned out to be  Hygrophorus eburneus

This has thick decurrent waxcap gills, a slimy cap,
 a tapering "root" and a felty appearance at the top of the stipe.


Visit Craven Conservation Group's Website to find out about more events

Jane has just emailed with a list of 59 species !!!!!
Once Archie has checked we will send it to the Mid Yorkshire Fungus Group.

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