Monday, 7 November 2011

Lichens flourescent in bonfire light

Horton in Ribblesdale bonfire is held on the playing field, base for the three Peaks Fell Race, and home of Horton Gala.

The fireworks on bonfire night were set off by two men and lasted a long time with lots and lots of rockets and bangs.

I met some friends from Settle Harriers, and a friend from Malham Tarn Field Centre. 

There were Beefburgers, hotdogs, parkin, soup and cinder toffee for sale. 
After the fireworks had finished we were allowed to go much closer to the bonfire... and warm up. On the far side of the bonfire the sycamore tree beside the river was lit up by the fire -- but what was lit up was the lichens on the branches -

 Maybe I will go back in the daytime but I know the lichens will be: Physcia tenella, Xanthoria parietina and a few Parmelias. The ends of all the branches - this years growth were not lit up because there had not been enough time for lichens to grow on them.

I am not sure how much of it is flourescence or how much reflection - probably both. I did not use flash - just the camera and then adjusting the photo as it came out rather dark initially

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