Saturday, 21 May 2011

Hordelymus europaeus - Wood Barley

Grass of the Month for April

This is a rare woodland grass. ( BSBI Map )
Hordelymus euroapeaus has vegetative features very similar to Bromopsis ramosa (Hairy Brome) i.e.
  1. Tufted
  2. Grows in basic woods
  3. Hairy - long hairs
  4. Dark green
  5. Blades widest in the middle (as for nearly all woodland grasses)
  6. Big auricles
(These are distinguishable from the other big inland grasses with auricles:-  Couch grass - which has rhizomes,  and Wall Barley which has very big clasping auricles and the blades are very floppy, and it is an annual)

In the pictures below where there are two grasses, the Hordelymus is on the left of the picture and the Bromopsis on the right.

Vegetave differences include:

  1. Hordelymus has a ligule < 1mm long, Bomopsis usually > 2mm
  2. Hordelymus auricles are more horizontal and clasping, brompsis point more downwards at 45 degrees
  3. The collar edges "pull back2 and stick out more in Hordelymus, perhaps resulting in the more horizontal auricles
  4. The hairs on the Bromopsis blade edge and sheath are very regular and parallel to each other, they are more untidy on the Horelymus
  5. Bromopsis has deep red colour in the basal sheaths, whereas Hordelymus is pale brown.

Hordelymus on left of picture, Bromopsis on right

The short ligule and auricles on Hordelymus europaeus

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