Saturday, 18 August 2012

Enjoy the Flowers of Langcliffe churchyard

Its the first ever Langcliffe Show on Saturday 18th August and will be held in the Church and in the Institute. On Thursday I walked round the churchyard and enjoyed looking for wildflowers. Kenneth had mowed the lawns - but there are still gems to be found.  

I wonder if my greeting card pictures of flowers will win a prize in the show?

Entrance to Langcliffe church

The Institute is seen here from the Hydrangea next to the church


Herb Robert
Shining cranesbill

Broad leaved willowherb


Urtica dioica - OK, Nettle


Spiders have made webs in the juniper to catch falling insects

Yorkshire fog


Now i think its Shing Cranesbill

Herb Robert


Hoverfly close-up

View from church towards PikeLane


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