Sunday, 3 March 2013

Big Hairy Bikers at St John's Church Hall

A TV programme can mean many things to many people..

Age UK (formerly Age Concern) hold a lunch club every Friday  at St John's Church Hall, Settle. Several of my friends attend - and last year I was invited to give a talk to them on Hay Meadows.

Last autumn they were all amazed when "The Hairy Bikers" - stars of a cookery programme descended. They served the food. They had prepared a special meal as a treat for the Age UK Chef, Ruth O'Brian, and then they went off to serve her that..

The programme appeared on TV last Wednesday 27 Feb.

About 54 minutes through you see a view of the church hall with .. in the background -- the poster display I made of the loaf posters

Local Organic, Animal Friendly, Fairly Traded.

See the man in the background near the hatch and the notice board - well look below

There's the LOAF posters on TV!!!

Watch the program 1 min in and 59 minutes in.

Well here's a photo I took earlier...
LOAF - Local - Organic - Animal friendly - Fairly traded Jan 2012

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