Monday, 23 September 2013

John Bell leads Big Sing at Settle

Sunday 22 sept saw "The Big Sing" at Settle Parish Church led by John Bell of the Iona Community

People waiting in the church
Handing out the song sheets

By the time everyone came there were 150 people.
We sang some psalms set to modern words and music..

--the Lord will be your refuge (Psalm 94).. bearing in mind suffering elsewhere in the world - on a day when a church was stormed in Pakistan, and the supermarket shooting had taken place in Kenya

There was a song about women in the bible.

John Bell at the front
Group picture

Explaining the finer details

An opportunity to promote One World Week and CEL

We sang songs 
Thank you to all who came from Langcliffe singers, Settle Voices and all the Churches in Settle that made it such a good event

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