Sunday, 2 November 2014

Wonderful Waxcaps at Anley Hall - CCG Foray 2014

Jane Rushworth led us to Anley Hall, near Settle for our CCG 2014 Fungus Foray and with thirty people it was one of our best attended field events of the year.. The lawns of our local Nursing home, it turned out, are home for at least eleven species of Waxcaps- meaning they are of important conservation value.

On the front lawn was a fairy ring of Entelomas, and here you see us standing round the outside of this ring:

Crimson Waxcap - Hygrocybe punicea

We went back to St John's Church Hall and met after lunch and spread out our specimens

Jane got us to sort out the fungi in to groups

One member even found time for a quick water colour painting

Waxcaps. Only the Balckening Waxcap (Hygrocybe conica) is poisonous/non edible

A big thank you to:
Jane for leading the event
Archie MacAdam who was scheduled to co lead it, but was unavailable due to illness - but he checked several of our specimens
To several of the people in Archie's U3A class at Skipton who came and supported the event
To the Flowers of the Dales Booklet which publicised the event and brought in several extra people
To Anley Hall for allowing us to use their grounds.

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