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Leaflet part 5: how to write a biodiversity leaflet - It's now divided into TWO leaflets

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  Leaflet part 5: - It gets divided into TWO leaflets

In Part 4 I decided to make the print bigger so that people can easily read it. 
A very successful decision.
I'm so glad I made that decision - I mean, how can I go about with our "Disability and Needs Awareness project at church".. and then produce leaflets with writing that is too small for people to read?

But it meant that the bible quotes and quotes by religious leaders had been squeezed off the main leaflet and would have to go inside on a separate double sided single column insert.

However like Topsy, the leaflet continued growing.
as a result of:
  1. making the quotes in bigger text,
  2.  including an extra column specifically promoting the Rainforest Fund, 
  3. and half a column explaining the benefits of CEL
I soon found I had a whole triptych insert,  (or the option of putting both triptychs together and making an A3 sheet). It looked rather boring,

Having spent parts 1 to 4 learning how to make the first leaflet look so nice 

(.. by make people aware they love it- wildife -  so they then want to act, and then showing them how to act), I decided to rearranged the second leaflet so it would look similar.

"Put a red squirrel on it" said Althea.

And since I had a nice photo through the window at Kindrogan Field Centre of a red squirrel on the bird feeder, on the red squirrel went.

Here is the front of the two leaflets:

 Whoops.. we seem to have slunk back to the word "Biodiversity" again. perhaps I should retitle leaflet 2 "Why does saving nature  matter to Christians"..
(The word Biodiversity was only coined in 1986 by E.O. Wilson)

Inside leaflet 1 I made my own doughnut chart (using Excel) showing the different causes of wildlife population losses (from the Living Planet Report).

Well that was an achievement in itself .. quite proud of myself.


Leaflet 2 will probably only appeal to Christians.. but that is fine. No need to print as many.

All the quotes on the leaflet were from men, all except except one by Ruth. This especially applied to religious leaders..  What to do about that?

In the absence of any modern "high up" women religious leaders, I found a page of quotes by Kenyan activist and conservationist Wangari Maathai, and put in a quote by her - It may not have been the best, but it was one of the shortest.  And found a nice photo of her on Wiki-Commons.

I went Scottish Dancing in the Church Hall this evening and stuck up the two leaflets. One co-dancer looked at them and said "That's sad" - meaning the wildlife loss was sad .

But I didn't want him to go away feeling sad. Not unless it brings results.

The next stage?

1) Ask a few local religious leaders/people in charge of notice boards how they feel they could use the leaflet

2) Find out how much it would cost to get it printed locally..

3) Go over the leaflets again and consider, what would the 14 year old children I used to teach in Bradford make of these leaflets? Or the 13 year olds I taught in Sierra Leone? - perhaps I really do need a picture of a bee and some bee statistics...  Or can I supplement my leaflet on the display board with biodiversity pictures made by other organisations?

Here is the back of leaflet 2.

Come back next week to see what I do next -  Onwards to Part 6: The CEL template and more white space

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