Wednesday, 17 June 2015


2nd June sees me travelling to Birmingham to attend a meeting of the Environment Issues Network - I went on behalf on Green Christian. There are representativess there from Christian Aid, CAFOD, several of the main denominations and others

The train to take me to arrives at Giggleswick

At Birmingham New Street Railway station , near by
I find this wall planted with wild flowers.
Here is either "White" or "Snowy" Woodrush.

Although obviously planted and
possibly European rather than British stock -
I was REALLY inpressed
they had made a display using wildflowers.
Well done!!!

I wave to myself in the big mirror screen above.
 I walked to just south of the Bull Ring, to the carpark opposite the Carrs Lane Chch where we had our conference a year and a quarter ago.. Then I had been amazed to find 35 different species in flower in March 2014

I wanted to find out if it was equally species rich 15 months later.

And indeed it was

Indeed it was so good I wonder if it had deliberately been planted with these special weedy species - or if they had come in by themselves on the waste spoil that had been put beside the car park.

I'll do a separate 30dayswild-2b-June post to talk about the EIN meeting... which was not quite as wild, but very green and outdoorsy.

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