Monday 17 August 2015

1st Sept: Settle Walks for Creation

The Pope has declared 1 Sept as a World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation. So let's join with others round the world to be thankful for our wonderful world and to learn to appreciate it more.

And for those of us who are not Catholics there are lots of other reasons to celebrate Care of our world - not least because "The world is loaned to us - we look after it for future generations - "

Indeed we are joining in with other people in the  Peoples Pilgrimages around the world as people take part in pilgrimages leading up to the UN COP21 talks on climate Change in Paris in December

And if you go outside you will find reasons to celebrate.  Even in a city you may find a tree or a patch of waste ground with Plants growing through the pavement. Can you give names to those plants?

If you live near Settle, come on both walks. (If you are a visitor come early so you can enjoy going round Settle Market place in the morning and have coffee at St John's Methodist Church, or Settle Parish Church, or the Friends Meeting House where you can buy Tradecraft Goods. Then have lunch at the Parish Church.

The first walk starting at 2pm is very gentle - and is wheelchair accessible..(indeed, I hope Althea will be a co-leader) . but we'll visit several eco-sites including the Parish Church garden beside the Settle Carlisle Railway,  the famous Settle Hydro "Reverse Archimedes Screw", a pleasant walk beside the River Ribble, via Queens Rock to Lay of the Land (Settle Garden Centre).

The second, starting at 5.45 pm requires strong shoes. We will walk up Castleberg.. from where you can see nearly all the world... Well Settle anyway, and Waddington/Newton Moor Mast:
We'll make sure those who want to return to Settle by 7.15 can do so to attend any evening meetings that may be on.

See the walk we did on 23 July

Hope you can come

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