Wednesday 12 August 2015

Walk for Creation - July 2015 - Settle

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Below is an account of our walk on 23 July

On 23 July Churches Together in Settle held a "Walk for Creation".  

We stopped at three points en route and held a period of silence looking at the view, then discussed various aspects of what we saw:- with relation to 
1. Biodiversity
2. Climate change 
3. Waste 
4. Justice 
5. Peace 
6. God, Jesus, or relationships between people
(The leaders' preparation sheet can be downloaded here)

We met at Limestone View and the first "stop" was their garden. I was delighted to see the vibrant "Wildflower mix" that had been sown there

For the second and third stops we split into a "Long walk" and a "Short walk" group

The Long walk group walked along Watery Lane where the following were in flower:



Meadow Crane's-bill ..supporting a bee

The Shorter walk group carried spare chairs with us and stopped at the Allotments

We discussed waste and recycling,  wildlife and the beauty of nature and God's love.

Example of recycling

More examples of recycling - can you spot them?

The short walk group then stopped at a bench
at the old peoples bungalows above Limestone View

We held the plenary session at the Cafe at Limestone View

We hope to hold another on 1st September, starting at Holy Ascension Church. Maybe one in the afternoon, visiting Settle's Archimedes Screw turbine, and one in the evening - more strenuous up Castleberg and but this is not fixed yet.. Look out for details.

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