Thursday 21 January 2016

British Lichen Society AGM at Newcastle

Leaving Settle for a couple of days and going to the AGM at Newcastle on 16-17 Jan 2016. 

"Please can you tell me where the Agriculture Building is?" I ask a young man. "Lichen Society ?" "He asks.. "I'm going there too". But first we have to stop at the wall outside the Agriculture Building

Caloplaca holocarpa

Lecidella scabra on acid rock.
The drop of KOH solution turns yellowish

he demonstrates how he keeps lichens- stuck on card with Copydex


 Fun over bridges

After supper I walk over the high bridge

and look back to see three more bridges

Then come out in early morning 7-30am and walk across the Tyne Road bridge to see the bridges at dawn

After breakfast I will set of for Wallington.. More on that tomorrow

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