Sunday 3 January 2016

Four outstanding events at Craven Speakers Club Mon 4 Jan

Four outstanding events  at Craven Speakers Club on Monday 4th January. The club welcomes visitors to share in the learning and excitement: It is held at 7.40pm at the Soroptimists Rooms, 28 Otley Street, Skipton, BD23 1EW

1) Public speaker and Local Actor Chris Birch will give tips on

how to give an impromptu speech -

 (i.e. when someone gives you a topic and you have to speak on the topic straight away for 3 minutes.)

2) Judith Allinson will run a 20 minute workshop on

"Ways to attract new members to the group"

3) A new club member (a young engineer) will give a

6 minute speech - to be analysed and evaluated by an experienced member 

- so we can all see the good things he did - and  learn ways it could be improved.

4) There will be a

"Topics Session" - Its' fun - it is a bit like "Just a minute" on the radio. 

 in which four members of the club are given topics on which to give an impromptu speech We shall see if they have followed Chris Birch's advice.

All welcome: First time visitors free

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