Wednesday 7 September 2016


Psilolechia lucida is  sometime know as Sulphur Dust Lichen or 
Lemon-coloured Rock Lichen
The Lichens in Churchyards Aidgap Leaflet has a picture of Psilolechia lucida at the beginning as an example of a lichen on an acid rock

To Quote Last Dragon:
Thallus a thin to granular, powdery, yellow-green to sulphur yellow crust, in places thicker and irregularly cracked; apothecia rare, very small, yellow-green to orange. Common throughout Britain, often in somewhat shaded situations, generally on base-poor rock,

Go to Settle Parish Church churchyard, to this big box tombstone marked by the red arrow. Then go to the gravestone to the left of it 

There is a little bit of bright lemon green Psilolechia in a groove (top right) on the tombstone to the left -See below

Here seen close up:-

There is also some Psilolechia at the courtyard of Malham Tarn House

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