Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Prayer for Biodiversity and Nagoya

Through the organisation Christian Ecology Link, over the past week I have been helping publicise a prayer about the upcoming conference at Nagoya in Japan:-

" In 2002, countries round the world made a treaty which 192 countries signed to protect biodiversity by 2010 - all countries have failed. There is a conference in in October to make a new treaty. Is your church praying about this or publicising it?
Christian Ecology Link has made a prayer poster about this  -we encourage you to use and display this prayer.

Here is a good explanation of Nagoya -

The  prayer started
One quarter of the world's mammals and one eighth of the world's plants are under threat of extinction.

On the radio this morning Kew Royal Botanic Gardens announced that one fifth of the world's plants are under threat of extinction - that is one in five. So here is the prayer modified:

A quarter of the world's mammals, and one fifth of the world's plants are under threat of extinction.
Lord we thank you for this beautiful world with its amazing variety of animals and plants.
Be with those meeting at the Nagoya Conference in Japan, 18-29 October as they seek to find ways of preserving your world . . .
. . . ways of preventing the destruction of habitats and soil, and of saving species from extinction.
Please help us to understand your world more - to appreciate the beauty of nature.
Encourage us to make wildlife conservation areas in our churchyards, gardens, parks and farms and to take part in local nature surveys.
Help us to support wildlife conservation charities with our money and our words.
May we never forget that we are stewards of your creation and that we hold it in trust for future generations.

 Download the above poster from this page or better go to where there is background material and also similar posts with gannets and zebras as background

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