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45 Teashops & Eating places within 2.6 miles of Settle

Fancy a cup of coffee? You're in luck at Settle. A choice of over 40 Places!!.
I first wrote this post six years ago in May 2017 - and (its now May 2023) the selection of eating places only gets better!  

(See end of post for four cafes now in  RIP section - they still deserve to be remembered!)

I I keep adding new comments to the top of this post... Maybe you should read the post from the bottom up. Or see Index/Contents list exactly half way down. 

One benefit of Covid is that many cafes now have out door tables either on the pavement in front or in their gardens at the back.

New Spring 2023: Settle Swimming Pool Cafe:  Open seven days a week but check opening times as rather variable and sometimes closed mid afternoon.

March 2022:  Limestone View Cafe is open all week incl Sundays -I went for Sunday Lunch on 13 March - Lunch - you can have a small or large portion. Delicious.

New Jan 2022:-
Settle Methodist Church has changed their coffee mornings from Tue to Wednesdays (10.30-12.00). First Wed of a month is in aid of a charity. First Wed in March 2022- for guide Dogs for the Blind: 

Pics below from Rainforest Fund Coffee Morning in Dec 2021

The Anglican Church still runs coffee mornings on a Tuesday and sells soup and baked potatoes and toasted sandwiches at lunchtime till 1.15pm.

Miss Victoria's Refreshment Garden looks as if its open again after winter.

Limestone View Cafe has reopened and is open 9 till 3pm (though sometimes closes a little bit earlier if there is no-one there

Jan 2022 
A visit to the Craven Arms, next to Giggleswick Station: Ham and Eggs - and in foreground - veggie burger.

New Aug 2021 (well 29 July I think), the main Coop on the market place has started selling hot coffee from a coffee machine.
 But I realise that Booths stopped their coffee machine a while ago, so they cancel each other out.

NEW - early summer 2021: Busy Bee  and (new for me ) Rathmell Old School alternate Sunday Lunches (incl take away).. which I realise fall within the 2.6mile radius,

I wrote an update in July 2020  (see lower down) and now here I am a year later in July 2021: 

Just a paragraph of where Covid is now: Covid, which started affecting us seriously in March 2020 is still here. People started going to Skipton for vaccinations in Feb 2021 then to Lancaster and other places and since May in Settle. This week people came to Settle St John's and were turned away - one person because she had only had a 3 week 6 day period since here first jab, and the government had in the last few days said that an8 week gap is required between vaccinations not just 4 weeks. The second was a very tall 17 year old going off to work tomorrow - but not allowed to have it because the rule is you have to be 18.

July 2021 Update

Two new places closed down in 2020:
Boxer and Hound in spring closed and has been replaced by Busy Bee.  (Opposite the Talbot and Opposite the Folly)

On Saturday 10 July 2020 Sugar and Spice held its final day (on the corner of Station Road). Settle Action for Climate Emergency held its meeting there in person rather than by Zoom, to say good bye to Sacha and wish her well.

On Sunday I went to Rathmell to the Rathmell Old School Community Centre - for a wonderful friendly lunch. these happen fortnightly made by volunteers to raise money for the centre. from 12 to 2pm. so the next ones will be 25 July 8, 22 Aug.
This is 2.6 miles as the crow flies from Settle Market Place.

Even though I arrived at 1.45 there was still hot beef rolls and chips available and a mouth watering choice of deserts. I chose carrot cake because it came in a little box that would be easy as a take away.

Sitting outside on one of the benches (there was a choice of indoor or outdoor places) I met Linda .. who reminded me how she had provided pavlovas for the Anglican Diocese Eco Event at Tosside Community Centre in 2008.

So far As I know the other coffee shops, restaurants etc are either running or planning to open again in August (Langcliffe Teas) or September (Settle Methodist Church Coffee Morning.

Settle Flower Pot Festival is running again this summer.. - so do come and visit Settle July - August

July 2020 update:

A few of the places below are still shutdown due to the Covid Lockdown (e.g. Church Coffee Mornings). It is now Aug 2020. 

Meanwhile news of THREE NEW PLACES opened in 2020- specifically in July 2020 and August:

1. Miss Victoria's Refreshment Garden: 
3: Settle Cheese and Charchuterie Shop - with take away tea and benches outside

1. Miss Victoria's Refreshment Garden: 

Adjacent to Victoria Hall (which now has a delectable display of useful and vintage donated goods for sale to support the hall) - on Kirkgate, opposite Ashfield CarPark
Open most days (but I wonder if it will be slightly weather dependent) 

2: Aory's Thai Take Away and Resturant
The facebook page says:  We are opening on the 15th of July, from 5 till 9, then every Thursday Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 5 till 9. We are operating a booking system, you can book a time slot and date up to 2 weeks in advance, once you have booked your slot, you can place your order preferably the day before, thanks.

The new Thai Restaurant is on the north side of the Market Place (above Practically Everything next to the Coop). I went to have a look. On the way found a yellow composite I am not used to seeing round Settle - though it is common nationally. It was growing both below and just above the restaurant. When I have found it in other places (generally in dry, mown road verges) it has been much smaller -
Here is a fine specimen with a fine view of Settle Market Place

Smooth Hawk's-beard - Crepis capillaris
View from  Aory's Take Away Thai Restaurant Settle - opened July 2020

3.   Settle Cheese and Charchuterie Shop - with take away tea and benches outside



45 Places within 3 miles of Settle!!   .. (yes, the total has grown since I started this post two and three quarter years ago.)

The five new ones added in 2019 are:
Sugar and Spice - Eco-Friendly Cafe December 2019  (closed 2022)

Sydney's - Tapas Bar and Restaurant - Summer 2019 (closed 2022)
The Waffle Cone Ice-cream shop Spring 2019
and newly added to this post, but both going many years:
Settle Conservative Club
Settle Social Club

I list all 45 lower down this post.  - I keep adding or highlighting a place every few weeks.

Index of 45 places

Tuesday Mornings only:-

  1. Settle Angl Ch. Tuesday Coffee & Lunches 10-13.30 -

  2. Victoria Hall  Tuesday Coffee and Bacon Butties 10.00-15.00 -CLOSED ?
Wednesday Mornings Only
3. Settle Methodist Ch. Wednesday Coffee Morning 10-12 - 

Sunday Afternoons only:-

4. Langcliffe Teas in Summer - Langcliffe Inst  2-4.30pm. ***** CLOSED - Starting again in summer

All Week Days, and sometimes Sundays:

  1. Lay of the Land Garden Centre 
  2. NEW: The Wonky Cake Cafe
  3. Singing Kettle
  4. Naked Man Cafe             Longridge ice-cream
  5.  Busy Bee     (Started 2021)
  6. 3 Peaks Cycle Shop Cafe
  7. Limestone View Cafe - OPEN!!(March 2022)
  8. The Fisherman - Fish and Chips 11.30-20.30
  9. Fish and Chip Shop Cafe at the Shambles 11.30-19.30 (Cafe) 11.30-20.30 (shop). Yorks Tea
  10. Watershed Mill (really in Langcliffe Parish), 4 minutes walk from the north river bridge -
  11. Car and Kitchen
  12. Bar 13  3pm-11pm Internet Cafe
  13. The Folly Coffee-House Mon- Sat9.30am - 4.30pm; Sun: 10.30am - 4.30 
  14. Settle Swimming Pool Cafe -check on opening hours because not always open in the afternoon -but open sometime seven days a week.

Hostelries in Settle:-

  1. Talbot Arms -     open all day and evening
  2. The Royal Oak   Lunch    12-2.30pm and evenings
  3. The Lion  -  open all day and evening
  4. The Falcon Hotel
  5. Settle Social Club 
  6. Settle Conservative Club

Take Away (Mostly Drinks only)

  1. Forage and Feast      9-3.30pm M,T Th,F  9-1pm W, Sa
  2. Settle Railway Station - Take away coffee
  3. Settle (Coop) Petrol Garage     7am-11pm 
  4. Lambert's newsagents - Market Place- Earliest for coffee: 5.30am-5pm
  5. Premier-Settle Convenience Store - Coffee, 1 Duke St 8am-10pm (-11pm Fri Satt),
  6. The Waffle Cone Ice-cream Shop Spring 2019
  7. Settle Cheese and Charcuterie - Spring 2020

Take Away Food / Evening restaurants:

  1. Milano Pizza -   824411 Take Away and Delivery  4pm-11pm
  2. Ruchees
  3. R. Spice - Indian on the Market Place    5-10pm F, Sa 5-11pm
  4. China Choice - Take away (no tea/coffee)  825825  5pm-11pm (Fri,Sa -middnight)
  5. Italian - Basement of the Shambles    824929 (5-9pm). Summer June-Aug also 12-3pm)
  6. Aory's Thai Take Away and Resturant - replaces Griddle and Sizzle above "Practically Everything" next to the Coop.
  7. Little House              W,Th, F, Sa, Su from 6pm Closed Mo Tu 823963


  1. The Craven Arms  near Gig Rly Station   (weekends and evenings) 
  2. The Black Horse 
  3. The Hart's Head        12pm-9pm

Within three miles of Settle and Giggleswick  

  1. Knights Table - Little Stainforth  Restaurant and bar  BD24 0DP 822200 9.00-21.00
  2. The Craven Heifer, Hostelry Stainforth
  3. The Courtyard Dairy, Cafe and Cheese shop Beyond north end of Settle Bypass  LA2 8AS - View: Google Maps.

Population (2011 Census) Settle:2560 Giggleswick 1270, Langcliffe: 231 (total S,G,L: 4061) 
Stainforth: 231. We also have two large caravan sites (not included)

Place 24: in summer: Settle Railway Station [Return to index]
Shop at Settle Railway Station -
serve Drinks of Tea 

Dec 2017: Place Number 24: Settle Railway Station. On Sat 9th Dec 2017 there were mince pies and sherry  at 10am onwards -and the chance to hear Settle Voices singing folk carols at 10am  before they set off  on the train for Ribblehead 


Right: Enjoying the Christmas Food at Settle Station Open Day 2016

Above: 10 December 2016 - Jumpy filming - but meaningful words

Below: 13 Dec 2014 - this makes a good story.
 (The video is so long so you may wish to skip the middle two thirds.)

Then in the afternoon Settle Voices are joined by Lakeland Voices -- singing in...


Place number 21: the Lion - [Return to index]


Nov 2017: (Day of Rainforest Fund Coffee Morning at St John's)
Place number 1: St John's Tuesday coffee mornings 10-12
[Return to index]

Place number 1: Settle Methodist Church BD24 9JH
: 10am-12midday - There is coffee every Tuesday - but the first Tuesday of the month it is always for charity


August 2017: During Settle Flowerpot Festival:
Place number 27: Coffee available from 5.30am!! - Lamberts: Newsagents on the Marketplace:  [Return to index]

 Lamberts has an outside  Notice board with small adds.

It's Settle FlowerPot Festival time of year - and Lamberts has a Liquorice Allsort Man!.

Place number 42: Opened on 27 June 2017: The Courtyard Dairy [Return to index]

Note May 2023: They are currently having extensions, and the  sit down cafe is not currently operating. The sit-down cafe will be opened in late summer. Meanwhile you can still buy take away tea and coffee and fresh icecream from the icecream machine. 

The shop

 This is 3.4 miles from the centre of Settle - so maybe not within the 2.6 mile definition.. But it's such a fine place I must include it:
Upstairs is the cafe
See my blogpost 


Place number 18:-. Brand new Opened on 21 June 2017: The Coffee- House at The Folly [Return to index]

This picture was taken on 19 June -
as the electricians make final touches
to the new Coffee-house

Inside a Sneak preview
picture taken two days before opening:-
There are two coffee rooms.. 

Ivy-leaved Toadflax growing near the door.

Place number 20: 3 Peaks (Cycle Shop) Cafe [Return to index]

Three Peaks Cycle shop -New  Cafe -
Opening times || Picture of inside of cafe  

Place number 8: The Singing Kettle, Settle [Return to index]

The Singing Kettle, Settle

5.  Poppies Tea Room [Return to index]

Poppies Tea Room


The Talbot Arms
 [Return to index]
The Talbot Arms has just had its doorposts painted for you.

Enjoy the beer garden at the back of the Talbot

Place number 1: St John's Tuesday coffee mornings 10-12
[Return to index]

Place number 1: Settle Methodist Church BD24 9JH
: 10am-12midday - There is coffee every Tuesday - but the first Tuesday of the month it is always for charity. e.g. on 5 Nov 2019 we made £170 for the Rainforest Fund!

We may be losing our local schools and petrol stations (and even pubs) .. but ..
Settle residents and visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to partaking of tea or coffee.

Early-late evening meals: 16 places within 3 miles of Settle
Cup of tea/coffee/cakes on a Tuesday morning within Settle itself (excluding even Giggleswick): 17 places (or 20 including take-aways). Not bad for a resident population of c.4500 (including Settle, Giggleswick, Langcliffe and Stainforth)

Places nearby but outside Settle include (distances from Settle Market Place) : The Courtyard - 1.7 miles, Craven Arms (1.3 miles) The Knights Table. Little Stainforth (2.6 miles), The Craven Heifer, Stainforth (2.4 miles) The Courtyard Dairy 3.4 miles.

A big thank you to all the visitors who support our shops!!!.


These places below have ceased trading, or moved.

In 2021 I visited the Courtyard on the A65 just south of Settle where the restaurant continues, and where there was a new shop selling local produce. It has now moved to Watershed Mill, Langcliffe - But it just sells food and drink for you to prepare yourself.

Skyre (extreme low cal. yoghurt) from near Skipton, Sausages from Hellifield Highland Cattle, Choriza from Malham, Milk from near Ingleton, Meats supplied from local farms via Drake and Macefield. 

1. Newly opened on 1 Dec 2019: Sugar and Spice - Eco-Friendly Cafe


On Saturday 10 July 2020 Sugar and Spice held its final day (on the corner of Station Road). Settle Action for Climate Emergency held its meeting there in person rather than by Zoom, to say good bye to Sacha and wish her well.
2. The Boxer and Hound was replaced by The Busy Bee in 2021 (Opposite the Talbot and Opposite the Folly)

May 2018: Newly opened:
Place number 10: The Boxer and Hound  - [Return to index]
on facebook 
6 High Street, BD24 9EX Settle

Light snacks. Open till 6pm which is useful. Plans to be open 10am-8pm Specialises in Yorkshire ground coffee and speciality beers.

How do you tell it is dog friendly  apart from the name?

Ans: There is a dog's water bowl at the entrance. 

I see it is toddler friendly too.

3. 2023: The Courtyard  Restaurant on the A65 at the  before the entrance to Settle seems to have closed.
4. 2022: Sydney's - Tapas Bar
We have lost two in 2019 - Traidcraft at the Quakers, 

Post first started 24 May 2017 but is frequently updated - 
latest  May 2023. 

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