Saturday, 3 June 2017


0 June - well, 31 May 2017 actually :
A trip to Hackfall Woods with Nidderdale AONB volunteers.
View of Vale of Mowbray

View of Vale of Mowbray/Vale of Pickering

On this wall were lichens:- Candelariella vitellina and Rhizocarpon reductum

A view has been cut out looking towards Masham Church

We went down to the river Ure

Thinking about grasses? or just thinking.

 Or watching the man fishing

Or the children looking for fish?

Ah we're making notes now

Thin-Spiked Wood-Sedge - and lots of it. Carex strigosa

It turned out to be honeysuckle

View of Mowbay Caste

View of Mowbray Castle

View of How Hill from Dallowgill Moor.
The Skell flows just to the left of How hill

The Pennines slope gently down (from West (left) to east

The Pennines slope gently down (from West (right) to east.
The road is going over the water divide between the  Laver and Ure to the north and the Skell  1/2 mile ahead

Bridge ov er the Skell
With Pertusaria coraliza lichen

The Skell

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