Saturday, 31 October 2020

Settle Wildflowers - Day 93 - Yellow 23 - Gorse

A Photo from  31 October - at Helwith Bridge, at the path between the Moss and the Quarry

Gorse - Ulex europaeus.

As they say "When the gorse is not in bloom, kissing is not in season"..  and the two gorse bushes there are still in bloom.
See mandyhaggith for lots about gorse

European Gorse with Penyghent in the background

European Gorse with Penyghent in the background

European Gorse 

I  did perhaps cheat by driving the 3 miles from my house to Helwith Bridge Moss (Swarthmoor Moss) (Though I did the walk earlier in the year on 10 April on a lichen walk). 
I thus had more time to look at the fungi -waxcaps- and lichens on the path by the quarry.

On the path I found other (previously recorded) yellow flowers in bloom: Mouse Ear-Hawkweed, Lesser Trefoil, Ragwort, Dandelion, Sow-thistle. 

Even on this cold windy moist evening - well 4-5pm counts as evening I found three plants I have not described in this blog before:

Fairy Flax Linum catharticum in the thin soil beside the quarry road, (I have seen lots of it before)

Reed-mace - Typha latifolia

New Zealand Willowherb -  Epilobium  brunnescens in fruit

Today was 31 Oct. They were having Pumpkin Activities in Miss Victoria's pleasure Garden next to the Victoria Hall.

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