Monday, 1 March 2021

Lichens of Low Bentham Churchyard - SD644692

 Welcome to the Churchyard of St John the Baptist, set beside the River Wenning at 69m 226 ft above sea level, and beside the B6480.

There are many different habitats in the churchyard - I wonder if we can find a different lichen for each habitat?

  1. Sandstone in boundary wall
  2. Mortar in boundary wall
  3. Sandstone of church
  4. Slate/acid rock gravestones
  5. Limestone memorial grave stones
  6. Sandstone window ledges of church below lead of window
  7. Conifer trees with shaded probably acid bark
  8. Mown stony grassland
  9. Church Bench
  10. Church Notice board
  11. Deciduous Tree trunks (Oak, sycamore Ash?)
  12. Deciduous Tree branches
  13. Deciduous Tree twigs
  14. Boulders beside river
  15. A cement block - there has to be one somewhere..
  16. Long-grassland (unlikely to get lichens here)

Well that is 16 habitats - I wonder if we can find 15 lichens?

This post is only half finished - I have made two further trips since starting this page, and will add the new lichens found later. 

Wet Caloplaca flavescens on basic rock

Evernia prunastri On Oak tree branch

Parmelia saxatilis On Acid gravestone


Hmm - need to find a name for this - on a limestone memorial

There is one young oak tree that is really good for lichens

Psilolechia lucida - likes acidic stone surface.

Psilolechia lucida

Hypogyna revolouta maybe

Mezgeria violacea - thallose liverwort indicator of nitrogen compounds in the air.

Punctellia subrudecta on Oak Tree

Physconia grisia


Peltigera  hymenina

Peltigera hymenina

Punctelia subrudecta

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