Tuesday 7 June 2022

30 Days Wild 2022 Day 7: Embsay Churchyard recording

Churches Count on Nature Recording Day at Embsay Churchyard, North Yorkshire

Searching for creatures and plants in a 1 m square at Embsay Churchyard

See this Red Admiral at the materials table?

The Red Admiral just loved the Nature guides

It kept returning and returning to these fold-out guides

Wings  up

Wings down
Presumably finding a warm place to warm up.

Celandine leaves:  Tubers grow at the base or the leaf stem at this time of year. - Hence the alternative name "Pilewort"

Warted Golden Frill Lichen (Xanthoria calcicola)
on the wall at the entrance to the churchyard.
( have used this English name following a leaflet by Di Napier)

Eriophyes tiliae  Lime nail gall mite

A very pleasant afternoon enjoyed by all who came.  Thanks to the organisers from St Mary's Church.

Looking forward to hearing about the collated results.

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