Saturday 11 November 2023

Visit to Malham Chapel eco-garden Sunday service and floor.

November 5th 2023 and six members of Settle Methodist Church -members of their "Eco-group"  visited Malham Methodist Chapel. - Their aim:

To support a small rural church by bulking up the congregation to enable a "good sing"

To see the new Hope Garden - which replaces the patch of species poor grassland in the triangle next to the church. The Hope Garden began redevelopment in 2023 in collaboration with the Malham Environmental Group, a local garden designer, local farmer and other interested parties.

To see the fascinating floor in the church which illustrates the famous beauty spots within a mile of the village - and thus enables a "pilgrimage within a few steps".

Four members pose beside the church as they arrive early at 9am for the 9.30 service 

Local Preacher, ..Mr Murfitt arrives (left) and is greeted by Philip Taylor, normally the organist at Settle, who today will play the piano at Malham. 

We sing our praises and give thanks to God.  the congregation includes a lady from Oregon in America here on holiday.

After the service Sally (left) show us a table of knitted angels. People are invited to take one, and display it at home and leave a message in a book saying where the angel has gone.

Sally shows us the floor, the windows, and much more. we watch a short video explaining about the church renovations.

The group pose for a photo. See the picture of the chapel under Robin's feet (on the left)


After the service we walk round the garden. Sally shows us the "Bee house/  insect hotel".

Outside the chapel a rainbow was put up during covid. The children liked to see it when they pass it on the school bus, so they left it.

I would recommend other churches in the Yorkshire West District to come here and take part in a service.  With just a small congregation,  the chapel just has services every two weeks and is supported by the rest of the Skipton circuit.
The chapel is open the the daytime during the week for visitors so do PLEASE call in if you visit Malham and encourage your friends to do so.


I used to attend Malham Chapel when I lived at Malham Tarn Field many years ago. 

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