Saturday 18 May 2024

Climate Walk 1 May 2024 Lord's Wood, Giggleswick

 For Wed 1 May 2024 we decided to revisit Lord's Wood that we had visited in 2021 

We met outside the Settle Swimming Pool at Giggleswick. We used the seat and table to read the Climate prayers and thoughts sheet  - which pointed out that

March 2024 was the 10th month that set records as the warmest ever. Extreme heat has been creating health hazards and hardship in West Africa and Asia. Climate-intensified extreme rains have flooded the United ArabEmirates.

Then we set off on our jolly walk - (A bit of a contrast)  - Looking at flowers, litter picking, and learning more about our local neighbourhood.

Our walk does seem a bit feeble and trite considering the world climate situation - (And the situations in Ukraine, Gaza, Sudan and the many other places at war. )

But since we are blessed with peace, and a precious beautiful world, let us appreciate it, and get to know it.

Wall Speedwell - a tiny flower

Hybrid Bluebells (English x Spanish)

Tree stump. Three years ago this had been 2 m tall
and had the lichen Flavoparmelia caperata growing near the top.
Now that lichen is not here.. And I still haven't sent in my lichen records..

Collecting litter- We found at least 8 bags with dog poo. 
And that is in spite of the fact other groups
 in Giggleswick go collecting litter too.

Admiring the Wood Anemones and Bluebells - real native English Bluebells, not hybrids, in the wood.

We walked up a path through the wood. There was a small patch of Wood-ruff, and also in one place some Herb Paris

This plastic bottle had a hole in.
Maybe a small vole or mouse had been trapped
 inside and had chewed a hole to get out.

On the grassy summit near the top we found Spring Sedge in flower

And Rockrose not yet in flower near the summit.

Then we descended

It is only on the very steep slope next to Lord's Wood where Anemones grow.

Is this because it is too steep for the sheep and cattle?. Or is it because his area in the distant past remained woodland longer than the shallower slopes beyond.

There were primroses on this slope too.

We walked back along Stackhouse Lane and noticed a big new house.

Back at the Pool we were delighted to find the Pool Cafe was open so had our well deserved drinking chocolate / tea etc.

Next walk on 1 June is to be to Malham Tarn Fen board walk, starting at the quarry car park at 9am

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