Wednesday 22 May 2024

Settle Wildflowers 129: Draba incana: plus eleven more plants in flower on Plantife Reserve Winskill Stones

Twelve flowers - nine of them newly in flower for my 2024 "First plants in flower around Settle" project: seen at this sunny day 19 May 2024 at Winskill Stones Plantlife Reserve.

View of the area of limestone pavement adjacent to the car park. Penyghent and Fountains Fell in the distance. 

Draba incana -  Hoary Whitlowgrass, often know at Twisted Whitlowgrass because its fruit capsules are twisted.  Incana means greyish or whitish (with age) - e.g the colour of hoar frost. It is a member of the Crucifer or cabbage family

Aphanes arvensis - Parsley Piert.

Aira praecos : Early Hair-grass - in shallow soil at top of cliff edge

Viola Lutea - Mountain Pansy

One of several Hawthorn Trees - flowers still only in bud.

St George's Mushroom

St George's Mushroom

Can you part of a ring? starting at my green rucksack?

View of a different hawthorn tree not yet in flower.

Close up of the tiny  Arenaria serpylifolia: Thyme-leaved sandwort 

Has this block of limestone been dislodged recently?

Draba incana

Field Woodrush now in fruit

Early-purple Orchid.  They are very scattered this year. Last year there were many more..

A block rolled down the hill.  A shame if these geological structures, formed as a result of the last ice age 12, or 18000 years ago get destroyed.

Festuca ovina -Sheeps Fescue

The lichen Romjularia lucida - This brings the  total number of different species of lichens I have seen in this 1km square (SD8365)  to 65.

This is my second highest scoring square in the 50 I have visited so far in my SD 86 project
I see when the British Lichen Society went to the diagonally neighbouring square SD8266  at Lower Winskill Farm they recorded 101 spp (I only have 35 in that square). Oh well there were 20 people looking including national experts.  My highest scoring 1km square is SD8264 which incudes the south part of Langcliffe Churchyard, Blu Crags and the Langcliffe-Settle highroad, and has 67 species

Dermatocaropon miniatum lichen

Hippocrepis comosa - Horseshoe Vetch - 

Mountain Everlasting flower Antenaria dioica site: The leavs of this plant lie within the perimeter of the garments. 

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