What is the Rainforest Fund Project (National and Settle)? - plus Fundraising Events and Ideas

The Rainforest Fund Project works at Two  Levels:

1. National - The Green Christian (GC) 100 Churches Rainforest Fund, started in 2011
2. Settle - The first church/area to raise  money, back in 2008

1. National - This is the Green Christian (GC)  100 Churches Rainforest Fund,
by which GC is aiming to find 100 churches who will raise £100 (min) to support habitat protection, e.g. through "£100 can Save an Acre of Rainforest" schemes. So far 13 churches have taken part - could yours take part in 2016? Please try and persuade your friends in your congregation.  

2. Settle - This was the first church/area to raise some money, back in 2008. Settle Methodist Church is still raising money, often supported by people from other churches in Settle and by Settle Churches Together.  (As you can see on the right column, we usually make over £700 a year) This Website/Blog is run by Judith Allinson and includes other features of natural history interest and of interest to people who use St John's Methodist Church Hall.

Could you encourage your church to raise money - to show that Care of the Natural World is a Christian Responsibility - You can support one of the three charities we support (World Land Trust,  Cool Earth,  or A Rocha Ghana) or chose a different one of your own. email

Remember that 1 in 10 food goods in the supermarket contain palm oil (labelled as vegetable oil) - most of it grown by burning down rainforest and planting oil palm plantations. And that 8% of greenhouse emissions come from burning forest and peat soils below them. We are partly the cause of the loss. We should protect what is left for future generations. 

Examples of local Fund Raising Events -  Click to see all these posts which have good pictures!
These may give you ideas for your church

  1. St John's Coffee Morning: December 2015 raises March 2014 raises £125
  2. Flowers talks at Ingleton Church at Overground Unterground Festival in 2014 1nd 2015
  3. Settle Spinners raise another £35 Sept 2014
  4. St John's Coffee Morning: March 2014 raises £164
  5. Fair Trade Social Evening at Church Hall on 4th March 2013 raised £110
  6. Rainforest Fund Coffee Morning, Cards and Posada on 4 Dec 2014 £55 plus £25 cards
  7. Coffee Morning for Rainforest Fund - Tue 4 Dec 2012 - All welcome
  8. "Good Afternoon" - Smile - "I'll just say a bit about this leaflet"..
  9. Made a salad tea for a visiting group - Saltaire Ladies - June 2011-  After costs, we made £28.87 for the Rainforest Fund and £28.87 for the Church Fund; and the ladies bought £16.50 worth of Greetings cards
  10. Churches Together in Settle and District Barn Dance - Jan 2011  we made £109 for the Rainforest fund and £109 for Churches Together
  11. Environment Sunday Walk - Donation June 2010 - £20
  12. Settle Spinners Apr 2009 - (to present) - This group meets Tuesday afternoons and welcomes new members - they have a bottle and collect loose change each week for the Rainforest Fund - in spring 2009 they raised £26.. but term by term it mounts up! thank you!
  13. Sponsor me to take and old person on a nature trip  More Nature Walks in summer   September 2008 OK I could have done a sponsored walk - but why not do something USEFUL to get sponsors for? - I am still looking for sponsors...
  14. Scottish Country Dancing Class April 2008 at the hall donate £25 - See video of dancing
  15.  How to organise a presentation evening about the Rainforest Fund   - Feb 2008 - £65
  16. How to get more people at your coffee morning Feb 2008 - £80-00

Selling cards - 

  1. At WYSOCS £26 was raised - 3rd picture down show Cards plus Peter Harris of A Rocha
  2. Christimas Cards 
  3. Display in the Church Hall January 2008
The Charities usually supported are:
World Land Trust
Cool Earth
A Rocha  International and A Rocha Ghana.


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