Klebsormidium crenulatum (Hormodiopsis crenulata) and other algae

Ever since Allan Pentecost showed me some Klebsormidium crenulatum in 2009 on a 50 year old wooden gate near Gordale Beck, I have been noticing this alga..  spreading.   (Old posts first, newer ones at end). 
   In 2018 I made a poster display on the topic for the YNU conference - It has now changed name to Hormidiopsis crenulata (Kuetz.) Heering  
   Allan used the English name "Nuisance alga" - because is growing over lichens. It is spreading because there are so many nitrogen compounds in the air from intensive factory farming. Read link 1 below first.

  1. Gosh! 100 years of Harber-Bosch   Sept 2013 - READ THIS FIRST - it explains a lot.
  2. The Rainforest Fund Project: Lichens of Malham Tarn House 2  March 2012 
  3. Klebsormidium crenulatum - filamentous green alga on CCG walk to Ryeloaf Hill   Aug 2012
  4. Klebsormidium crenulatum - near Helwith Bridge  Feb 2013
  5. YNU Bryophytes visit to Ponden on W Yorks /Lancs border - The mosses of Heathcliff and Catherine 
  6. Lichens at Horton in Ribblesdale Churchyard 15 Oct 2014
  7. Rombald's Moor/Skipton Moor on Forest Church Walk 23 Oct 2014
  8. Klebsormidium near Langcliffe Lochs 26 Oct 2014
  9. Klebsormidium near Sannet Hall, 18 Nov 2014
  10. Lofthouse - Nidderdale Lichens 13 Oct 2017
  11. Klebsormidium on grit wall near Giggleswick School - Oct 2017
  12. Klebsormidium on fence-posts above Pen-y-ghent Gill
  13. Klebsormidium at Ribblehead Station Dec 2017

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