Wednesday, 9 January 2008

The project is born

On 1st January 2008, in Settle, North Yorkshire, UK, the St John's Methodist Church Settle Rainforest Fund Project was born.
The primary aim is to raise money towards protecting rainforest (and other irreplaceable habitats).

We are supporting three projects - two are secular projects of the type "Buy an acre of Rainforest" and the third supports a Ghanaian Christian group that is running projects to encourage a villagers on land adjacent to a nature reserve to use the land sustainably.

Please note that whilst I (Judith Allinson) am Web Editor for Christian Ecology Link (CEL) and for St John's Methodist Church Settle , the views expressed are personal, and do not necessarily reflect those of CEL or St John's Methodist Church.
Feedback and comments are welcomed.

In future postings I will say how the project started, and how it is proceeding.

Come back next week! See how much money we have raised. See what we have decided to do.

We hope you will support the project too.

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