Saturday, 5 December 2009

Wave Climate Service at London 5 December Press Release

I have just been sent the churches' joint press release about this morning's  service Climate Service at Westminster Methodist Central Hall, London,  with leaders from the major UK denominations speaking.

I have put the press release on Christian Ecology Link's  website plus two of the press pictures they sent: It really is worth reading there is a lot of detail.

- The Hall looks packed from the pictures. It must have been good to have been there.  Many of my friends from Christian Ecology Link would be there (maybe more than 20 or 30 of them, including  several going down with Bradford and Lancaster organised trips) amongst the other more than  3000 people at the service.

(Official press photo of the Wave Service at Westminster Central Hall. Everyone had to wear blue gloves to wave!)

I know a lot of people who were taking part - so it is nice to think of them attending the Rally now as I write this.

I spent this morning at Langcliffe (my village) Christmas Craft  Event selling my Greetings Cards and
Calendars in Aid of the "Rainforest Fund run by a group at Settle Methodist Church". I only sold £40-00 worth - but £40-00 (apparently) is enough to buy/protect half an acre. Half an acre!!.

Now I shall go down to my local church - with a print out of the Press Release and ask them in the intercession prayer request notebook to consider using  the Day of Prayer Climate Change prayer
tomorrow morning, or something similar..


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