Friday, 11 December 2009

What makes Settle's Candlelit Vigil for Copenhagen special?

We are having a vigil for Copenhagen on Saturday 12th December from 5pm to 6pm on Settle Market Square.

What makes it special and why should you come to it?

  1. All the 220 vigils taking place in the UK are special as are the over 2000 vigils taking place world wide - 
  2. Vigils show we have concern for the idea that there should be a Fair Deal at Copenhagen.
  3. They give us chance to show solidarity with the people working at Copenhagen and world wide to secure this
  4. The vigils give us chance to meet with each other and to interact with our own community.
  5. And what a community and place Settle is. This vigil is being organised by "Settle Eco-Nite" a loose network of people who meet on the first Wednesday evening of each month and the vigil is for everyone.
  6. Settle has a pledge plant: - It stands on the cobbles in the Market Square.
    . -- A Topic tree,
      -- with a commitment crown
      -- of leaves loaded with  uplifting lists of promises, priorities and practical actions.

Come to Settle, in the Craven Dales of North Yorkshire,  get a leaf from the shop next door (Practically Everything) or cut out your own leaf and put it on the tree. (We hope it will stay up from now until the New Year)

Come to the Vigil at 5-6pm on Saturday.  Bring warm clothes and a candle.
 We'll share stories, silence and maybe even songs.

Here is a  poster (in pdf) about the event

See you.

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