Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The Day the Trees start to go Green

I always remember each the date April 27th as the date that the trees are significantly coming into leaf down at Settle. (the by May 27th -or is it 17th - the leaves are out fully. But his year as we approached 27th April the trees, with the exception of some hawthorns, have remained very ungreen. So spring is really late (as if lots of people have not been saying this anyway)

The daffodils have been splendid in lots of places - Ripon Daffodil Bends, round Pately Bridge, at the two Langcliffe road signs.  It is mainly because they were held back by the cold weather and now that they have come there have been no stong winds to flatten them. but i also wonder if it is a result of lots of plnating in the last few years.

Today I went up to Colt Park Wood, which is quite a bit higher than Settle - the Ash flowers were just coming out. We found Moschatel and Alternate-leaved Golden-saxifrage in flower. The Bird-Cherry buds were just swelling and starting to open.

The rooks in the rookery were contributing to the nitrogen content of the soil.. I can see why nettles do so well in some parts of the wood!

The Hawthorn buds were just starting to open - I tried eating one.

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