Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Coffee Morning Results and Card Sales

We made £105-40 at the Coffee morning on 3rd April, including sale of cards. The church has a regular Tuesday morning Coffee Morning but on the first Tuesday of the month the proceeds are given to charity - this August it was for the Rainforest Fund

A big thank you to all who supported it. Several extra people came as a result of my local publicity. A big thank you to Lesley and others for making the scones and cakes.

The coffee morning spurred me on to make lots more cards - since then over the next three ordinary coffee mornings the card display has stayed up and we have sold another £20-00 worth of cards.

I sold cards when I was up at Malham Tarn Field Centre - £18 combined - from the Malham Tarn staff, From the Grasses and Sedges course and from the Acrylic painting course. Then I went up to give a talk on "Flowers of the Settle Carlisle line" to the "Settle Carlisle Line Course", and the tutor on that gave £10-00 for cards.

Thank you

Every bit helps!

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