Thursday, 1 December 2011

Dactylis glomerata - Cocksfoot

This is all millimetre  graph paper
"A grass a month" has been going two years now.

For December for  the 24th grass ...
we''ll have the one everyone knows, the one you've been waiting for:-...


Easy to recognise in-flower
and big enough to poke up above the snow should we get any.

To be sung to "Frere Jacque"

Shoot section flying saucer
I'm a cocksfoot,
I'm a cocksfoot
Succulent shootbase
White sticky succulent shootbase
Section flying saucer
Section flying saucer
Big and folded
Big and folded.

There, got it!

In USA it is known as Orchard Grass

Orchardgrass was introduced to the eastern United States from Europe in 1760.

The shoots provide good nutrition in spring, but the dead shoots in autumn are not so palatable.

Two shoot sections

The panicle can sometimes show vegetative proliferation
panicle viewed through lens.

Here,s a cocksfootleaf covered in "hawfrost-snow" from last December

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