Tuesday 20 December 2011

Carol Singing in Settle 2011

Its 20th December and today Churches Together in Settle and District sang at Settle's two supermarkets.
(See a list of upcoming Carol and Christmas Services in Settle and District 2011)
Carol Singing at Booths

Walking between the two supermarkets at Settle

Carol Singing at the Coop

Carol singing at the Coop

Here's the connection with rainforests and rare habitats:-

  1. One day I will pick up courage and go and ask if I can do a collection at Booths for the Rainforest
  2. At least one in ten food items at both stores contains palm oil (usually labelled hydrogenated fats) - Palm oil plantations cause destruction of the rainforest
  3. Carol singing is a very eco-friendly occupation. 
  4. Both the Coop and Booths score relatively highly as eco-friendly superamrkets go.. The coop is big on Fair Trade goods, Booths stocks up with a lot of produce sourced locally in the North West.
Remember that when you buy "Stuff" a vast amount of waste, some of it toxic, has been made and dumped as a by-product of producing the "stuff" -

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