Saturday, 18 February 2012

Settle, Shopping, Big Breakfast and Growing with Grace

Shops, Social thoughts and Scenery at Settle on 18 Feb

This time it is shopping with Althea in SETTLE, not at Carlisle.

8am sees me collecting Althea, and us setting off in the rain for the Quaker Meeting House (about the oldest building in Settle) to the monthly Churches Together in Settle Big Breakfast at 8.30am -held in the new annex.

Churches Together in Settle Monthly Big-Breakfast

The speaker today is Ann Algie, and she is to talk about Growing with Grace, the Quaker Inspired Organic greenhouses at Clapham. She does this very well - see her standing at the right  and I will write about her talk elsewhere. She explains why she cares so much about  growing vegetables and about people and communities growing vegetables.-

She and husband Tom are setting off for a new life next month, driving off in their van to France. They plan to do some organic farming when they get there. We all wish them well.

 John Diggles, one of the Big Breakfast organisers says "Whenever I hear of an initiative involving community in a good way, you or Tom are involved. It has been an inspirational talk. We wish you all the best."
A footpath in Settle this morning when the sun came out

 We arrive at  Wholesome Bee. Wholesome Bee sells organic and health foods
-- and a selection of vegetables, some from Growing with Grace.
They act as a pick up point in Settle for people who buy "Vegetable Bags" from Growing with Grace

Ooh look -What have we here..
Shortly after I discover and by some Wheatgrass powder which with water makes a "juice drink"
 £11... I'll tell you what it tastes like later.

Althea knows half the people in Settle

Settle Music Shop - we order a music case

This was Tom Algie's shop - which he has recently sold in preparation for going to France. We buy some black dustbin bags

Meeting yet more friends outside the Coop

I hadn't noticed this sign before.

Time for home.. it's lunch time.

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