Saturday, 10 November 2012

Settle Community Christmas Day Dinner and Tea 2012

Settle Community Christmas Day Dinner & Tea - 12 Mid-day - 5pm on 25th December 2012 Townhead Court

If you have no plans for Christmas Day, then why not consider coming along to Anchor’s Townhead Court, BD24 9HY for dinner? A full Christmas lunch with all the trimmings, plus light tea, will be provided for only £10 a head. It is open to all ages. We are also looking for volunteers to help with the meal and transport. Phone 01729 822138 for details or to book.

This is a follow on from the same event we have held previously at St John's Church Hall .

Links to previous events:-
2010 (St John's Church Hall
Suggested programme:
9.00. Sleep in/ Go to church in near Settle/ Go for long walk
11.40 - those who have asked for lefts get lifts to Townhead Court
11.45 Drinks at Townhead Court
12.30ish Christmas Dinner
2.30  A Few light party games
4pm - (Light) Christmas Tea
5pm according to interest -depart (Lifts offered)

Recommended walk on Boxing Day at Fountains Abbey, 35 miles away:

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