Sunday 23 March 2014

Ingleton Churchyard Lichens 5

Site 5: 
On the sandstone archway of the churchyard porch, and the corners of the porch is a distinctive thick white lichen

This may be Lecanora albescens

This may be Lecanora albescens

On the sandstone corner of the porch to the left of the arch are two patches of a lichen with orange fruiting bodies

Protoblastenia rupestris

Protoblastenia rupestris

End of Site 5

Sites 6 and 7 will be written another day.

I hope you have enjoyed the trip so far. Do join us for the real Ingleton Overground Underground workshop on 24 May - £5-00 Adults,  (concessions available). Includes cup of tea and handouts. It will be warmer in May. email 

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