Saturday 22 March 2014

Ingleton Churchyard Lichens - 4

Here is the table tombstone near the church door.

There is more of this lichen with areoles. It is on acid rock, it is Acarospora 
It is most probably Acarospora fuscata. as it does not change colour with alkali.

A nearby lichen on the same flat table tomb is this one:
Rinodina gennarii

Seen close
Rinodina gennarii the fruit bodies are surrounded by a pale margin. Rinodina means little plate

More lichen on the tombstone.

Over much of this table is Lecanora soralifera   "Usually with numerous yellow-green-green soralia forming delimited patches which arise from the centre of the squamules and may unite to cover much of the thallus."

There is another table tombstone in front of it, further from the church door:-.

The north side of this tomb has 
an orange to tan coloured lichen that forms mosaics. 
It is Opegrapha gyrocarpa.

Opegrapha gyrocarpa.

The flat top of the tabletomb has Lecanora soralifera

Lecanora soralifera

There is a flat ground level tombstone near the door which has Lecanora dispersa

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