Sunday 23 March 2014

Ingleton churchyard Lichens- all the Sites

Here are the seven sites we are going to visit, (marked with white and red numbers on the picture below).. both on this web tour of Ingleton Churchyard, and on the workshop on 24 May 2014 as part of Ingleton Underground Overground Festival. 10am-12pm

Poster for Lichens Workshop on 24 May at Ingleton - please download and display

1. The lichens on the cross but just lower than this picture (this post)
2. The lichens on the wall in the foreground to the left of this picture
3. The lichens on several graves near to this one:-
4. The lichens on the flat slab of this table tomb
5. The white lichens round the door to the church
6. The lichens on the branches of the tree
7. The lichens round the back of the church

The top of the gravestone below has the grey foliose lichen "Parmelia saxatilis" once known in some areas as "Crottle" or "Stony Rag" that can be used for dying cloth or Easter eggs.


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