Monday, 25 May 2015

Malham Safari 2015

On 24 May I went to Malham to help with the teas at the Village Hall. It was part of the Malham Safari.

First I went to Chapel for the 9.30 service.

Then I helped Maggie Patchett and Nick Blundell at the Chapel. Inside is an exhibition of pictures of past Malham Safaris. Nick was running a story telling event, with the aid of puppets.
In the grounds of the chapel are animals from Noah's Ark.

Opposite is a National Trust Tent.

Some ponies came to rest near the river

A girl (right) at the National Trust Tent explained to some visitors how they can see Marsh Marigolds and Bog-Bean up at Malham Tarn Fen. Note the Kingfisher blue flowers in her hair
 I walked up to the Village Hall where teas were being served.

Just so you know exactly where we are

I went up to the village green and watcher the Kingfisher Tribal Belly Dansers

Volunteers were hard at work in the kitchen

The Kingfisher team came in for a cup of tea

I left the Teamakers and the chapel and returned to Settle - stopping to admire wildflowers on the cliffs near the road above Ing Scar Pavement.

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