Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Top Twenty Settle Blog Sites

Settle Bloggers  -
held at the Royal Oak Settle -
the First Tuesday of the month  5pm-7pm
organised by Settle Networking

Here are some of our blogs in Settle and area:
Sam: The Crippled Crafter
Jo  http://www.wildfoodwoman.co.uk

Katie http://shepherdwithattitude.weebly.com/

Sarah  http://www.pathsforchange.com/blog/

Pam  https://yorkshiredalesguides.wordpress.com/

Sita/Settle Stories  http://www.settlestories.org.uk/blog

Louise http://roomforwriting.net/

Amanda http://www.theangelmystic.co.uk/category/blog/

Judith  http://rainforest-save.blogspot.co.uk/ -

Heather -  Digital Marketing Consultancy - see her latest book: Email marketing for Solo-preneurs

Sharon: Ingleton Glens Waterfalls Cafe:  http://www.thefallscafe.co.uk/

Jane https://wildwildwanderings.wordpress.com/ - Journey in Scotland

Actually that's only 15 sites so far.. but I'll soon add another five. Any suggestions?:-

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