Sunday 2 April 2017

Fountains Fell Lichens and Mosses

 It took 45 minutes to walk the 2 km up from the car at 433 m to the summit of the Pennine Way footpath on Sun 26 March, but only 30 minutes to get back down.  (The true summit is a bit higher: 668 m = 2192 ft) The left shoe is pointing to wards Ingleborough and the right to Pen y Ghent.

Tetraplodon mnioides - growing on a carcass- but only bone is left.

I puzzled over this till I realised it was Hypogymnia physodes growing on heather

Hypogymnia physodes

Micaria lignaria  growing on
an old piece of projecting peat.
I had to be back at Settle - Anley - by 2.30. I left the summit at 1.30 and walked  /jog-walked down with three Pennine Way Walkers to the road, and made it to Anley including changing to best clothes.

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