Friday, 9 June 2017

2 June - Colt Park - Carex-leporina - Oval Sedge

Yea - we found some sedges too! 
On day two of 30 Days Wild

An oval patch of Carex leporina - Oval Sedge - Growing just where it should be growing  - in rush pasture.

This is the Vignea group of sedges - all the spikes look similar and have a mixture of male and female flowers

If you look close ...

Very close -- you can see that the male flowers (with anthers)
are near the bases of the spikes and the female flowers 9with stigmas) are at the tip.

The shoots, especially the flowering shoots radiate out from the centre of the oval.

A bigger tuft

Here we are at a meadow plot discussing
different ways of measuring abundance of species.
How can we record a good representation of what is there?

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