Friday, 24 August 2018

Adult Caddisflies

On 23 Aug 2018  Craven Conservation Group had "An insect day at Broadrake Farm". We looked at "Bycatch" in the moth trap.

I took some Caddis-flies round for Sharon Flint to identify.
Potamophylax cingulatus 

Here is a Potamophylax tying to escape, crawling onto Sharon's book.

Potamo (Greek) = river
phylax (Greek) = guardian, sentinal
cingula (Latin) = girdle. belt

Limnephilus sparsus  
Limnephilus sparsus  
Limne (Greek) = lake or pond
philus = loving
sparsus = scattered

This now increases my life list of adult caddis flies from one to three.
The first one I have remember seeing is

Limnephilus lunatus

Limnephilus lunatus

Limnephilus lunatus has a half moon shaped transparent area at the end of the wing.

See  for more information on Caddisflies

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