Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Skipton Woods: Mid Yorkshire Fungus Group visit March 2020

Setting off for Skipton Woods on 4 March, with Pup.  

Peniophora ?limitata

Peniophora ?limitata

Peniophora quercina on oak

Peniophora quercina on oak

Hypoxylon fuscum (hazel woodwart)

Hypoxylon fuscum (hazel woodwart)



Exidia  albida

This looks as if it has a smooth white mat surface.. but with a hand lens you see tiny pores..

It looks like this (awaiting name)

Awaiting name

Awaiting name close up

Schizopora paradoxa

Insect and millepede on Stereum sp .

Sulphur tuft - Hypholoma fasciculare --Sulphur Tuft - early in year so gills not yet very dark.
Lachnum virgineum - Stalked hairy fairy cup

Looking at Lachnum virgineum - Stalked hairy fairy cup
Mycena purpurofusca - the Purple Edge Bonnet
Mycena purpurofusca

Moth larva in bramble leaf
Xylaria carpophyla - Beech-mast Candle-snuff

Elf Cup

This beech nut shell was stuck to the twig with a fungus

The group goes some where in or near Craven (Ingleton to Otley!) on the first Wednesday morning of every month. Interested in coming?

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