Tuesday 9 September 2008

More Nature Walks in Summer

In Summer I have taken four groups of people out on nature walks.

I have said on my "Sponsor me form" that I would take old people out on nature walks - i.e.(usually) use my car to get people out and then do a (very) short walk.

This has been a chance for me to go out too – Looking back, these trips have been very good days for me too.

I have taken four groups out. They were back in May and June (remember... we did have some sunny weather then).. Here are some pictures.

What have been the stumbling blocks?

1. Wet weather.

2. The difficulty of approaching people over taking them out - my shyness? I know quite a few people (slightly) through church or through the village or through friends - but it is a big leap from a chat about the weather etc to "Would you like to come out for a ride and walk to look at flowers?" (I only do this with people who I already have some form of contact with)

3. My last minute decisions to ask people to go out - People usually need more notice.

This year has been an amazing year for all three species of cotton-grass Eriophorum spp. that grow near here. I enjoyed showing people the Great crested grebe nest and its eggs near the bird hide.

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