Sunday, 7 September 2008

Seven updates and "Shun meat" says UN Climate chief"

Three months gap since my last posting! I have been away - Scotland, England, Ireland -and busy teaching and botanising while the flowers are out!– But - We have continued raising money. To catch up I will add seven sections over the next few days.

1) More Nature Walks.
2) The Owl Meter - Measures electricity consumption for each household item -
3) Trip to Ireland - Peat bogs
4) Addingham Friendly Hour – Visit to Settle for Tea
5) A Rocha Ghana – Individual items for which to raise money.
6) Greenbelt - pictures -
7) An opportunity to Talk to the Women’s Group at my church.

On the radio this morning there was an item "Shun meat, says UN climate chief"

I am glad that on the bbcnews website it is at this moment currently the most read article

“UN figures suggest that meat production puts more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than transport.”

“The FAO figure of 18% includes greenhouse gases released in every part of the meat production cycle - clearing forested land, making and transporting fertiliser, burning fossil fuels in farm vehicles, and the front and rear end emissions of cattle and sheep.”

“There are various possibilities for reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with farming animals. They range from scientific approaches, such as genetically engineering strains of cattle that produce less methane flatus, to reducing the amount of transport involved through eating locally reared animals. “

“Methane emissions from UK farms have fallen by 13% since 1990.
But the biggest source globally of carbon dioxide from meat production is land clearance, particularly of tropical forest, which is set to continue as long as demand for meat rises.”

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